The fine jewellery collection by Tatyana Kholodnova

The Gutta —these are different states ofa liquid in nature

Amber is an exceptional material, passing from a liquid state to a solid, it acquires a unique new appearance. Amber, like metal, catches the moment, reflecting it in its form and texture.

Amber in the collection «Gutta», these are different states of a liquid in nature, from a small fraction, like frost, to drops of rain on the leaves.

Metal in the rings takes fluid forms, so the modern form does not get into dissonance with natural material, with amber.

Collection «Gutta» — a reflection of the variety of forms and textures of amber in contrast to metal, silver with a coating of black rhodium. To create the rings, various forms of amber were used, ranging from coarse to fine, with bracing on planes in many ways.

There is no other such stone with a similar inner warm light, which especially emphasizes the contrast with the cold shine of the metal.